Stop Hackers Now Before It Gets Worse

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Remote Technology

We are the only company in the USA that can remote into your network, remove spyware, as well as forensically image any device.  No need to ship devices in most cases.  

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We perform a variety of services depending on your situation.

Data Breach Prevention

We will do a thorough audit to determine system vulnerabilities and protect your organization from future attacks.

Data Breach Investigation

We identify the nature, scope, impact, and origin of the breach. We will identify security gaps and flaws in your network.

Data Breach Assessment

Our engineers can determine whether a true breach has occurred and assess its potential impact quickly.

Our Team

Our team is comprised with tech dorks, digital forensics experts, and data scientist


Digital Expert


Digital Expert


Digital Expert


Digital Expert


*Investigate whether your sensitive data has been exposed

*Detect how your network was breached

*Collect the evidence needed to fight back

*Assist in responding to ongoing threats

*Recommend changes to security procedures

*Prevent future attacks on your network


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